The “Givens” in life

Here are the givens of my house

  • Banana Cheerios are always on the shopping list, because it is the three year old’s favorite cereal
  • You will probably find a stray said Banana Cheerio somewhere (like on the floor of my living room) in my house
  • 99% of the time I am 10 – 15 mins late to anything (except my wedding, I made it on time to that, and I always remind my hubby of it)
  • Our teen daughter’s room cannot stay clean for more than 12 hours (that number might even be generous)
  • My hubby is always talking about “purging” items from our home
  • 90% of the time, my hubby has his camera with him
  • I get ideas to make something cool, or to save money by making it myself, and then I go crazy trying to make said item
  • Our three year old son is always willing to eat a hot dog and fruit
  • The three year old is a Toy Story fanatic
  • The oldest is Big Sissy and the baby is Baby Sis in the three year old’s world
  • We  jokingly call the baby, Grumpy Cat because of a face she makes when strangers try to talk to her and make her smile
  • We can freak our teen daughter out by doing the following:  pointing out a statue or an item that has two shadows, writing tally marks on her arm while she sleeps or on our arms, changing her screen saver to a Weeping Angel, or repeating everything she says (she is a Whovian)
  • Pooky Bear (our 7 month old) giggles and snorts (just like her momma 🙂 ) when I call her Pooky Bear, and I instantly get in a good mood
  • The three year old will push me to my limit making me mad, and then does something utterly cute that makes me go “What are you doing to me??!!”
  • The three year old and 14 year old make me crazy most days (I am currently referring to the three year old as Cray Cray)
  • The baby laughs and gets excited at most things that Cray Cray does
  • I love said crazy older children, adorable baby, and purging camera toting hubby with all of my heart (awwwwwwww!)