Cable Cut 2013: Days 3 and 4

The depression has set in; I feel like I have lost an old friend.  My husband gave me a weird look when I slumped across the couch saying, “I miss my cable TV, and I want it back!”  This uneasy feeling, and tightness in my chest won’t go away.  I told him, “I’m going to need a lot of liquor to get through this.”

Here is what I miss about Cable TV:

  • Having an on screen TV Guide.  How in the world am I gonna know when Bachelor Pad, or other stupid shows I watch come on??
  • Being able to record shows.  It was like a present that I would get to open every night after everyone went to bed.  “Why hello, I had no idea Project Runway started up again!”
  • Being able to pause and rewind live TV.   Cray-Cray decides to open up his mouth and yell at the WORST times; and then there is the teen when she comes out to vent to us about who isn’t friends with who anymore for 30 minutes straight!!!!
  • Not having to search streaming services and TV apps and websites desperately hoping to find my shows, and not just clips.  BTW, Hulu and/or Amazon Instant Video need to hurry up and show Duck Dynasty, The Killing, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead (and not charge extra).
  • Not having the safeguard of my DVR recording my shows when they switch to a different night or time
  • Being able to put Nick Jr on in the morning and just leaving it.  Instead, I now have to have a discussion, find a show on the streaming service, possibly switch devices, and sometimes get stuck watching nothing but LITTLE BILL ALL MORNING LONG TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!!! Whereas before, it was this is what is on and that’s what your options are. End of story.
  • When Cray-Cray goes down for his nap and I want some background noise, I can’t just quickly find something on cable to turn on, now I have to FIND something on one of our devices and/or streaming services.

I’m pretty sure this will be the end of me… or my sanity.


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