Cable Cut 2013: Day 2

There has been 1 fight between me and the hubby (which happened the day it was cut) due to his assumption that our DVR FULL of recordings from when we were on vacation, would still be operational after he cut the cable. Guess what, they cut that too :-/ .

We have acquired a couple of new toys since Monday (he really is trying to make me happy). First, after our fight, and I desperately asked why he didn’t get an antenna so that I could at least watch the 3 basic stations or the news on occasion, he went and got an antenna. Yesterday, we got a new Apple TV so that we can stream from our phones and laptops. ABC, CBS, and NBC all have apps that allow you to watch full episodes, so this helps with the whole DVR aspect of it (can watch after the kids are in bed, can pause and rewind), that is, if they aren’t on Hulu (like the Bachelorette, grrrrrr).

We are doing a free trial of Hulu Plus, we already have Netflix, and I installed Amazon Instant Video last night. So far, Netflix is my favorite interface, but they majorly screwed up when they didn’t renew their contract with Viacom and they lost ALL of their Nick Jr shows, which are a staple around here. That is why I had to go with Amazon Instant Video. But, Netflix still offers a lot more seasons of our series for free, where Amazon Prime might offer one season for free, but others have a charge.  On the plus side, Amazon offers a lot of behind the scenes videos for different series.  The teen and I found a casting special on the Glee Season 1 listings (completely made me tear up when they were showing Corey Monteith’s audition footage), and they have all of the Doctor Who “prequels” included in their series listings.  One last plus for Amazon Prime, when it comes to Doctor Who, they have Planet of the Dead (totally missing on Netflix!) available for free instant streaming and they also have more Classic Doctor Who available for instant streaming than Netflix does.

You might be saying, “If you’re paying for all of these services, then why not just pay for cable??”  Paying for all three of these services is still cheaper than the monthly cable bill. Netflix is $15.98  per month for both the streaming and DVD plan, Hulu Plus is $7.99 per month, and Amazon Instant Video is $79.99 for the year ($ 6.67 per month), but you are also getting their Prime perks which includes free Kindle books and free 2 day shipping on certain items.  Having all three services puts us at a whopping $30.64 per month compared to the near $130 price tag we were paying for cable each month.  But, it is becoming a bit comical, remembering which one I need to turn on to watch certain shows.

Oh, and I still can’t find a way to watch Sharknado!  My DVR is taunting me from the cabinet.